Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

A couple days ago we made paper snowflakes in school and they were a lot of fun. I had all the paper precut into squares and folded so we'd be all ready. Then I gave the boys pencils so that they could design their snowflakes. This is the same route a lot of parents go with for carving pumpkins with little kids - letting them draw on the face they want, and leave the carving up to an adult. Much easier than letting your child wield a sharp object.
As you can see, they really tried to challenge my cutting skills with pretty intricate and crazy designs.
The boys really got into 'designing' their snowflakes. It was so cute to watch them watching me open up the snowflake to see how what they drew turned out. At one point Schooler said as I opened up one of his flakes "I designed that? I'm an artist!" Here is one of Thatcher's snowflakes. Unlike most days, he was wearing three shirts.
One of Schoo's snowflakes (he's only wearing 2 shirts):
Here's a tip for you folks to get nice flat snowflakes. All you'll need is an iron.
Once finished just turn your iron onto a low setting (without steam) and gently iron the snowflakes. They will flatten out really nicely and look better once you hang them.
Here's one of Schoo's, mine, and Thatcher's designs.

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