Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewn Sweets Three Tiered Cake

Sewn Sweets Three Tiered Cake

I made this cake about a year ago for my shop, and then never again until a friend and fellow etsian requested it. I was a little afraid since I had thrown out the pattern I'd made for it, but I think I managed to make it even better than before. Go ahead - click on my picture - check out my stitching, this baby is completely hand sewn. Sometimes I am just in awe of my skills ;). The three tiers are not sewn together so you can stack them up yourself. There are a total of 9 flower (3 sizes) that stick naturally to the cake (felt likes to stick to felt).

The Advent Calender post is still on its way, just waiting for my camera to charge, so stay tuned!

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