Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kiss on the Cheek, not on the Lips!

I read somewhere that the person in charge of etiquette in England (yes, there is such a person) recommended that with the flu going around this season, that when encountering someone under the mistletoe, to kiss on the cheek, not on the lips, to avoid spreading germs. Pretty good advice, especially if you've got one of these hanging around:
I found the idea for this bad boy online somewhere and knew my kids would love it. It is so simple, and is a fun replacement for mistletoe if you don't happen to have any. All you need is a bag of hershey kisses (or you could go with the hershey hugs, if you're more of a hugging person), a styrofoam ball (found at any craft store), hot glue gun, and a ribbon or strong string to hang it with.
First you will need to arrange a way to hang it. I punctured mine with a super big needle, threaded ribbon through it, and then tied off the end to keep it in place. If you don't have a needle, you can use anything else that is relatively sharp and narrow, like a screwdriver. To put it together with kids, I held the ball and put a generous dot of hot glue on the ball, and let my boys stick the kisses on, one by one, until the entire ball is filled up.
I'll admit, it is sort of wacky looking, but everyone around here really likes it. I had already found that mistletoe ball thingy at Joann but wasn't very happy about. It's sort of ugly I think. Thatcher claims that when he is 10, he will be tall enough to reach the kissing ball and he will eat all the chocolate off of it. Sure...

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