Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Super Cute Holiday Wreath in 10 minutes

I really wish I had paused long enough to snap a 'before' picture but I just didn't think to. However, just imagine this wreath with nothing but the pinecones and one of those fake velvet red bows on it - that's how it came. We got it at Lowe's when we got our Christmas tree for about $13.00. I was fully prepared to leave it as is and call it good. Until. Until I passed through the floral department at Joann's.

As a general rule I steer clear of the floral department. I have no business there. Frankly, it frightens me a little with all it's foam, spanish moss, and sparkle dusted fake foliage. This day however, I was in need of a wreath hook to hang said Lowe's wreath. I happened upon an entire aisle of what I will call "doodads" for lack of a better term.
Christmas doodads - holly, snowflakes, leaves, berries, fake candy, little trees, letters, snowmen, sparkly balls, assorted foliage, and more. Despite my lack of floral arranging skills I found myself snatching up a few items. All 50% off. I spent $4.80 on the doodads, and $2.00 on a spool of ribbon, came home, and spent 10 minutes putting it together. Not too shabby. I think I might have to visit the floral department a little more often.


  1. I, too, have a wreath that came with our Home Depot tree four years ago and have yet to even put a bow on it! Oh, wait, I threw that one away and bought an after-Christmas-sale wreath with battery powered lights on it. The point is that I've been looking for an idea for the wreath because it has nary a bow attached. Thanks for the idea! Now to find a time to hit the store...

  2. That's looks awesome, very festive. It's amazing what wondering down a different aisle at the craft store will do!

  3. Love the blog. Keep it commin!