Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tell me what you think...

Plain vanilla cupcakes (aka Plain Janes)
Add vanilla frosting...
Then top with frosting flowers.
This is a set of 4 cupcakes, with 4 vanilla frosting circles and 4 different frosting flowers. My boys like to play with this, but they like everything I make (they're always so supportive). I think my target market would be little girls. You can top the cupcakes yourself with the frosting and then choose the flower top you'd like.

I have been on a quest lately to create some sweets that are a little more interactive, just for something new to add to the shop. If you peruse the play food on Etsy, there is a lot of play food, much of it sweets like mine like cookies, donuts, cake, etc. I haven't seen anything like this with cupcakes though.
Would your tot have fun with this? I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but I'd like to know if anyone else out there has any ideas or things they'd like to see. Let me know, thanks!


  1. Shelly, let's get some of these for the shower for game prizes. Oh, and Hi,Shanna.

  2. They are too cute to eat! :) Oh are not SUPPOSE to eat them...they are felt! :) I think they are very will they stay on top...would you have velcro or just leave them without? I think they are a great idea!

  3. Well my kiddos love everything you make! I know they'd really enjoy these too! Brenden is 7 and still plays will all the food :)