Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Minute Easter Gifts

I sometimes get discouraged or insecure about my crafting ability when I look through all the amazing craft blogs out there. There are some really, really, really talented people out there. I've come to realize that I need to not compare myself to anyone and accept that I have a FULL schedule and being an awesome crafter sadly falls towards the bottom of my list. I love making things and with my schedule I know I have to keep it simple. Which I hope makes my crafts appealing to those with awesome crafting abilities and those without ;)

With that being said, here are a few simple projects. For this craft I used a clay flower pot, like I did with my Halloween Candy Corn cups.
A few tips for painting clay pots - you will need 4 coats of acrylic paint to get a nice even coating. I'd recommend that you use a foam brush. First paint horizontally - working quickly with plenty of paint on your brush since the paint will dry fairly fast, let dry, then paint vertically, let dry, then repeat, for a total of 4 coats. This is the easiest way to get a nice even coat.

I used the end of a hot glue gun stick, dipped in white paint to get the polka dots. You can use what ever you have on hand, like the end of a pencil eraser.
The grass I used is a paper grass which is soooo much easier to work with than the plastic stuff. You can mold and smoosh it and it will stay put and look a lot nicer. The cardstock flower is glued onto a craft stick I painted green. The little chick came in a pack of 6 for under $2. All supplies for this project can be found very inexpensively at any craft store.

This next idea requires a little less work, though it's still cute. I've mentioned before with my Valentine's Day gifts that Micheals has this great section that always has cute seasonal items (which is where I got those Valentine's cups). It is usually by the Wilton and baking aisle and has an assortment of seasonal baking/gift giving items. I found these bunny dishes (which I didn't get a picture of BEFORE filling and wrapping them. oops).
They're pink with a little bunny face on the bottom. I put these together to give to my little niece and Grandma Lottie. I'm sending these in the mail so I wrapped them in a clear gift bag and tied them with ribbon so they would stay nice while shipping. If you were just going to drop them off at a friends then you could lose the bag. Simple.
I hope everyone has a very happy Easter!


  1. I love your blog....:) keep it up.!

  2. Simple is almost always best. No one likes an uppity complicated crafter. I say bring the crafting to the people!