Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Cookie Cut-Out Set

I really hate those blogs that go forever and ever without new posts. Like my own. I even have some crafty ideas to post, but I am so lazy. And have had sick kids. And been sick myself. So here's something to look at until I get my crafty rear in gear.
A new sugar cookie cut-out set. This time I tried to do something more gender neutral so I went with these cute gingerbread boy and girl cookie cutters.
It is the same concept as before with shapes cut out of the 'dough.'
There are 3 girls and 3 boys, all with their own frosting that has buttons and a simple embroidered face.
I just wish it were easier to find good cookie cutters that are not metal (yes, these ones are metal, but they have a coating on them so they are not sharp like the plain metal ones) and also not the cheapy plastic ones. I love the Wilton plastic ones I used for the last cookie cut-out project, but the shapes are very limited and hard to find.


  1. Shana, all your stuff is cute, but these cut-outs are my favorite. I think I'll buy some near Christmas time. I hope you all are feeling better.

  2. holy cow you are a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ok, lady. I have been stalking your blog long enough. Actually, I am a relative of some-sorts, does that make it any better? I love this felt stuff, very clever and very real. Probably because I have had major sweet cravings since a friend of mine just told me she stopped eating sugar. I told her I would think about it right after the fruit snacks, brownies, and easter candy were all gone.

    Anyways, back to the point. Love this blog. Love your ideas. I even love the pea pod you made for Shirlene/Dave. And my daughter would love this felt cookie, cutting, making thing. I will need to stalk you for real around her birthday time.

    (Travis' lovely wife, shirlene's awesome daughter-in-law, Shelly's cool sister-in-law, Tate's wicked aunt... well hopefully you can figure it out from there)

  4. My daughter, Niev, saw your blog and said, "Mom, we should make THOSE kinds of cookies!" Great ideas and I love that you are probably talking directly to me when you mention blogs that never get updated!!!