Thursday, April 22, 2010

Basketful of Berries

Utah's spring has been full of rain and snow. Boo. We finally started to have a few nice days last week, but now we're back to rain. I can not wait for nice weather so I can start to plant some flowers and reap the benefits of my sister's hard work in her garden :). I especially can't wait for peas and STRAWBERRIES.
Here is my newest creation for my shop, a basketful of strawberries. There are two shades of red, 3 large berries, and 3 small berries, as well as a little basket to carry them in. These will have to keep me happy until it really warms up around here.


  1. very cute!
    Maybe you should also make strawberry shortcake or ice cream cones with interchangeable ice cream?

  2. Very cute, my girls would LOVE that!