Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday Project #1

May is birthday month in our house - we have Schoo's and Thatch's b-days, just 4 days apart. They both ask every day (multiple times a day) how many days until their birthday. I've always done homemade things for birthdays (with the exception of the cake) - decorations, gifts, games, etc. This year is no different, here is the first project I have finished, a 'Happy Birthday' banner.
I also have the words 'Schooler' and 'Thatcher' that I didn't lay out here since the boys were upstairs watching Chowder and I knew I only had 11 minutes to take pictures without them seeing.
For this project you will need:

Printed paper

The amounts needed depends on the size of your square, as well as how long you're child's name is (if you use it, you can of course just use the phrase 'happy birthday'). My cardstock background is a 6 x 6 inch square. I made the letters by first cutting my printed paper into 4 3/4" squares, then drawing the letters freehand, using up as much of the square as possible.
Then sew the letter on - this was much easier than I anticipated. I thought I'd have to adhere the letter on first to keep it in place, but it's not necessary. Once you start sewing, the letters stay put. Then sew around your square.
I've seen this idea before - using clothing pins to hang letters, and I found these at my local scrapbook store sold individually for .10 each. I got my printed paper from the same local scrapbook store. It is more expensive there than at Joann, especially since Joann often puts their paper on sale, but smaller, local stores will have a better and bigger selection of quality printed paper (a lot of Joann's printed paper is that flimsy quality, like printer paper). You can however, save a bit of money by buying the solid cardstock at Joanns, I purchased mine at 40% off.

There was no way for me to attach this to string and hang it up for pictures without my boys seeing it so finished project pictures will have to wait until after their birthdays, which are 9 and 13 days away. More projects to come!

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