Monday, May 17, 2010

A couple weeks ago my computer decided to stop loading pictures. No explanation. Today, it has decided to start again. I'm not asking questions, I'm just happy it is working again. Schoo's b-day has come and gone and he loved the decorations, as well as the shirt I made him. I almost just scratched the whole idea since my first attempt ruined the tee, but I still had Thatch's tee and didn't want one boy to get a birthday shirt, and one not to. That's pretty much how it is around here with two kids, both boys, and close in age - they get a lot of the same stuff. Keeping things even helps keep the peace.
These are the shirts just stuck on with Heat N Bond. I then attempted to zigzag the edges and ruined the blue one. I ended up buying a whole new shirt and fabric.
I didn't get a good close up of it, but you can see it ok in this picture. He told me repeatedly all day long how much he liked it. I made my own pattern by printing a number off of word at around '700' in size. Just remember to use the 'outline' font setting to save yourself ink. You'll need either a fat quarter or 1/4 yd of fabric. Like I said, I ironed mine on with Heat N Bond to keep it in place, then sewed a straight line around the number.
Here is what he came down to on his birthday morning. I already posted about the birthday banner, but never got to the tissue paper pom poms. I am so not a fan of balloons even though kids are crazy for them. They are nothing but trouble if you ask me. These pom poms are from Martha Stewart. They are cheap, and so easy, and so fun to decorate with - you can find the directions here.
The "schooler" part of the banner has come down, and will be replaced with "thatcher." His b-day is tomorrow. Can't wait!


  1. I'm going to make travis a shirt with his age on it for his birthday--we'll be partying at the coast. Thanks for the "outline font" idea, I'm working on Stephanie's quilt and needed to print out some words but couldn't figure out the ink issue. I'll take a picture of Trav in his cool shirt.