Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crayon Rolls

I made these a few years ago for Christmas gifts for my boys and nieces (you can see my original blogpost about it here). I have long thought of making a tutorial for them but then just the other day I saw one on The Pleated Poppy (aka Imperfect), a blog I follow.

Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy actually sells these rolls in her shop for a whopping $18.00. Her tutorial is very detailed and picture heavy, so even inexperienced sewers can manage. You can find it here. You will not regret making one of these - I made mine almost two years ago and I still use them all the time.
The one at The Pleated Poppy is just for crayons and rolls up nicely. I didn't use a pattern or tutorial when I made mine so I just winged it. I included a little notepad. If you wanted to do the same you'd just need to adjust the height as well as how many spaces you sew for the crayons, then leave a space big enough for the notebook you want to include (all of this would depend on the size of notebook you use). I found my notebooks in packs of three for $1.29 at Walmart, so they are inexpensive to replace once your kid fills them up. I think Lindsey's has enough room for 18 crayons, while mine only fits 8 or so.
This is what it looks like folded up (yours will be a roll if you don't include a notebook). I sewed ribbon on to tie it shut, but if I had to do it again, I'd definitely go Lindsey's method of using a hair tie and button. They hardly take up any space in your purse, they hold up great, and they can be thrown in the wash. A lot of times, before we head out to a restaurant, I'll print some coloring pages off the internet to take with us, and my kids are always entertained and are perfect angels ;).

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