Friday, June 25, 2010

Please stop me from eating this

Sorry, no crafts this week. I have one project in the works that I haven't even had time to look at lately. So I'll have to leave you this week with some pictures of a new creation. I'm not going to apologize if you have to go out and buy a box of these.
Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

They are about true to life-size - 3" long. They're soft, and since they are not very small, nor do they have any beads or other choking hazards, they're ok for younger tots.
Here they are in Strawberry Shortcake form, also a Little Debbie snack cake. Rolls of cream and strawberry jelly and vanilla cake. I don't think either the real chocolate or strawberry versions have a drizzle on top, but I like it with it. Who doesn't like a drizzle?


  1. yum. they look exactly like the chocolate cake roll I'm eating right now!

  2. I may have missed this...but have you done ding dongs? ...the round ones? ...You can't make them look too real, because then people may go and buy the real ones instead of yours! :)