Sunday, February 21, 2010

Donuts in a Treasury

If you have no clue what a treasury on Etsy is, you are missing out. It is such a fun way to peruse all the awesome products on Etsy. The Treasury is a list of member curated lists of hand made items. For example, here is a treasury that someone just recently included one of my items:

As you can see, the treasury usually has a theme of some sort. The member, or Etsy seller usually, hand picks favorite items and arranges them in the format usually seen on the home page of Etsy. There are over 300 treasury pages going on at a time, and they expire after about 2 days to make room for new ones.

Having one of your items picked is a good thing, it draws traffic to your shop, and thus potential buyers. And if you're in a really popular treasury, there's a chance that treasury can be picked to appear on the home page of Etsy - the ultimate place for your item. This set of mine appeared on the front page, and I went from about 50 views to over 600.
The amount of people that 'heart' my shop also jumped by about 35 people. Pretty nice. So put the kids to bed and take some time to peruse the Treasury lists, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Mmm - I always want to eat everything you make. Then I remember that felt doesn't taste good.