Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

This past Friday we had our class Valentine's Day party. Having class parties is one of my favorite things to do with my kids in school since I love making the holidays special for my boys (and since it is like a day off for me). Growing up my Mom didn't make a big deal out of holidays. I think I have more than made up for it.

I always feel a little pressure though to make it extra fun, since I know that if my boys were in a real classroom, a lot of the fun would be from the interaction with other kids in class, and with homeschooling they just get boring old mom. It's a good thing kids are pretty easy to please.
I used the die cut machines at my local scrapbooking store to cut out these little paper bags. At the time I cut out quite a few in different colors so I could use them throughout the year for different school events. This time I stuck a pack of Bubble Tape in there. It was a hit.
I also blew up about 20 balloons for the boys to toss around. Why are kids so crazy for balloons? I am not crazy for balloons and I am ready to pop each and every one, but then I look at this kid's sweet face and can't do it. He won't let me give him a haircut.
We also decorated our paper bag mail boxes for our family Valentine card exchange. A tradition we've been doing for the last 4 years. I love creating these traditions and seeing how excited my boys get. I really can't remember any Valentine's Days from growing up, hopefully I'm helping to make some great memories for my kids.

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  1. Must be a sister thing, since I can't remember my mom ever fusing over Valentine's Day either.:) Cute, cute party for the boys. Are you taking new students?:)